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I discovered today that my blog is included in a list of writer’s blogs to check out – Author Buzz

It’s nice to see that my blog is being noticed and picked up out there. In the text of the review of my blog, Matthew asked if I would write about my experience of self-publishing. Ok, here goes:

My experience of self-publishing has been incredibly easy as far as the act of getting the manuscript published is concerned. Quite a bold statement, I hear you say, and, indeed it is. The reason for this is, as I stated in my acknowledgements at the front of book 2, I use a company of professionals to do it for me. I honestly do look at the list of requirements, legal stuff and the pitfalls of an amateur cover and run away. It is easier to pay people who know what they are doing than it is to risk presenting an inferior product for public consumption.

The writing is no longer a problem. I can get myself into the zone and tap away at the keyboard quite happily – I even enjoy going over and over the same piece of writing, tweaking, rewriting and improving. Marketing, however, is the big trip hazard in my daily risk assessment. I’ve got the Facebook page, the blog, the page on Amazon, the free mention in emails – what else do I need to do to compel a stranger to purchase my work? I’ve always been a hands off person, if someone’s going to buy it they will, if I go in there jabbering on, all guns blazing with a sales pitch, the potential reader is going to run a mile. Know where I’m coming from? It may be personal insecurity or it may just be the way I react to overbearing sales people (read that last as – sales people!) but that’s how I feel. I’ve sold books at a stall at the local book festival and at a few comic-cons and always smiled and said ‘hello’ to anybody who looked and managed a few sales. The problem is, when you struggle like this with driving sales, the initial funds stumped up for production take a loooong time to recoup.

So, what is the solution? Well, for The Gene Weavers Sequence, there isn’t one. The work stands on its own merits and will sell or not based upon that. I also insist on the trilogy having the same production values, fonts, cover style etc. However, I have two works in progress at present: book 3 of The Gene Weavers Sequence and an untitled sci-fi/horror. I may just be taking little baby steps towards self-publishing the latter piece of work on my own – maybe have to get someone to do the cover. Therefore, my experience in self-publishing may be due a ‘level up.’

Feeling maudlin

Today would have been my mother’s 79th birthday but, sadly she left us 25 years ago. Never far from my mind, and I’m sure my brother and sister are the same, I often fall into melancholy when I consider all the things she missed out on. I married Tracey 3 weeks after she died and, between my sister and me, there are 4 Grandchildren she never had the privilege to meet.

I’m going to become a Grandad next year and consider myself incredibly lucky. Ok, I don’t have overflowing riches in monetary terms and my back and leg are a major pain, but sometimes you just have to be grateful and consider yourself fortunate for everything you do have. Life could be a whole lot worse so sit back and enjoy what you can.

Random Update

This morning I became acutely aware that I haven’t posted on here for a while – I’ve been neglecting my blog and it’s thousands of, sorry, not quite ten, readers. So, do I have anything meaningful and ground-breaking to write. I don’t think so but that hasn’t stopped me before, has it, eh?

Ok, here we go: Gene Weavers: The Faleen Factions is slowly selling and being read on Kindle Unlimited. It’s always gratifying to know that others are reading and enjoying your work and I must thank Linda Sargisson for another 5 star review on Goodreads. Gene Weavers Book 3 is slowly coming together with a little over 20,000 words already put down in rough draft. I know the start (obviously, I’ve written it – stupid thing to state!) and the end, I’m just struggling with the in between plot at present. Therefore, while that gets sorted out in my head, I’m writing another story – something I had previously been jotting down only at weekends – just under 4,000 words on this one.

In other news, despite a painful lower back, sciatica in both legs, strange neurological ‘things’ in my arms and quick fatigue, the DWP has decided I am capable of going to some sort of work – ‘although you may have a condition’ – have taken me off ESA and put me on JSA. I want to be self-supporting and pay my own way but I honestly can’t see an employer taking me on. Therefore, I am looking into trying my hand at some freelance work in the creative writing arena, maybe some basic proofreading. So far I’ve signed on with a few websites that allow freelancers to bid for posted work opportunities. Unless, of course, that publisher comes along with a book deal …

Or, maybe, lots of my numbers will come up on the lottery …

Ooh, flying pig – either Pink Floyd are nearby or I’m daydreaming!

What am I reading at present? The works of H P Lovecraft – “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

Cause and effect.

I have a friend coming to visit this afternoon. I’ve not seen him for many a year but we keep in constant contact via the marvel of social media. He’s been a great social media ‘cheerleader’ for my books, constantly sharing my posts and talking to prospective readers. I do believe he’s even read Gene Weavers: Revelations!

Anyway, we sorted a time and he said he’d like to pick up a signed copy of The Faleen Factions whilst here. No problem, I said – I put in my author’s order on Monday so hopefully they’ll be here. Of course, I said, the law of sod probably means they’ll arrive next Monday – too late. Everything was looking good, I got a message from the delivery firm to say they would deliver on Friday then came the next text – your package was not ready for collection. I sent a message to customer services and checked my order online. The delivery company has now collected my package but it won’t be delivered until Monday. I shouldn’t have made that prediction!!

On a brighter note, Gene Weavers: The Faleen Factions is selling (slowly) and the paperback version is available on Amazon – a lot earlier than I expected.

The Gene Weavers Sequence Book 2

The day has arrived! Gene Weavers: The Faleen Factions is now available to purchase in paperback and on the Amazon Kindle. The paperback is only available on Lulu.com at present but over time it will also appear on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and maybe a few more. I should have a supply soon to sell signed copies locally and on eBay.

This book is a good 100 pages longer than Book 1 so the pricing structure for the paperback reflects that in extra printing costs. I’ve kept the Kindle price as close to Book 1 as possible.

The wait is over – here’s another!

The wait is finally over and look, just look at that – no, not my ugly mug with that … just what is that strange expression I adopted while Mrs Lee did the photography? Anyway, I’ve finally received my proof copy of Book 2, checked it and approved it. The only problem is, today is Saturday. So, nothing else will happen until Monday – ggrrrr!! Never mind, Gene Weavers: The Faleen Factions should be available for purchase on Monday 23 October 2017 on Amazon Kindle and on Lulu for the paperback. I will endeavour to acquire a supply of paperbacks for personally signed copies.

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