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Shameless Self Promotion #2

OBLIVION is here!!

The blurb: Sergeant Mint Harris is chief of police in Charlestown, a settlement on Obsirion II, a planet colonised 50 years ago by the British Corporation.
Nothing much happens there, and she likes it that way. However, a murder is reported, and other strange things are brought to her attention. Is there a connection?
Life in Charlestown is about to change, rapidly and irreversibly. The repercussions could impact all of humanity. Can Mint keep a grip on the developing situation, and how will it end?

I’ve placed an Amazon Affiliate Link on my home page which takes you to the paperback. It’s not linked the Amazon Kindle version yet, here’s a link to that: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oblivion-Steve-Lee-ebook/dp/B07CHVSNX5/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=9ZMAWF1RRN3D2GZRWYNH

The follow up, The Department 44 Files, is almost ready to be submitted to my publisher and has a provisional release date of 1 August 2018. It directly follows on from the end of ‘Oblivion’ in a chronological progression of 6 Short Stories, a Novella, then a final short story.

Social Seller

My latest novel ‘Oblivion’ is released on Kindle and in paperback on 20 April 2018 through Green Cat Books. Lisa, who founded the company, wanted to provide a service to allow aspiring independent authors to publish their works like a traditional publishing house but without much of the rigmarole. The company is really going places this year with many new books already released and lots more planned. There is a real focus on children’s books in the forthcoming releases and many different tastes in adult literature are catered for. There’s my own ‘Oblivion’ of course, and the follow up ‘The Department 44 Files’ is still looking good for a 1 August 2018 release date – that’s also my 26th wedding anniversary for anybody that’s interested!

Anyway, I have signed up to be a Social Seller for Lisa and Green Cat Books. This means I now have a dedicated website to advertise and sell the books. Here’s the link http://www.greencatbooks.com/StevenLee

I can also acquire old-style paper catalogues, attend events and hold book parties. Please contact me if you are interested.

Citizen Science.

Over the years I’ve tried to get myself included in citizen science projects. This ranges from the fairly simple hour of garden bird recording for the RSPB’s Big Garden Watch to actively reviewing scientific data online. My only source for this has been the Zooniverse site (https://www.zooniverse.org/) which covers a wide range of subjects from science to history. Being a science fiction fan and having a broad interest within that arena (from geology to planets to astrobiology to the searches for exoplanets and life beyond Earth) I’ve focussed my activity on space science.

Many hours have been spent over the years staring at the light curve of stars, searching for that tell-tale dip that marks a transiting exoplanet. I’ve also looked at galaxies, comets, and images from Mars. My favourite, however, was searching for NEOs: Near Earth Objects. This activity involved looking at four consecutive black and white astronomical images. It was your choice whether to look at each in turn or play them one after the other. Personally, I found the latter the preferred method. Play the slideshow and keep an eye out for the tell-tale moving dot. Often, the targets I would mark up would come back as being known objects, but the real adrenaline rush came when I was reviewing sets of images that nobody had viewed before. Marking up a moving target on these sets gave me a sense of discovery, tagging something potentially never seen by human eyes. All from the comfort of my sofa.

That project isn’t live at the moment (I keep a wary eye out for its return) and I’m very busy with my writing. It’s not all stopped though. I have BOINC! All you need do is download http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ and you too can indulge in citizen science with the minimum of effort. I have mine set up to run SETI@home and Asteroids@home. Whenever the laptop is switched on, it runs those applications in the background with no observable impact on what I’m doing. Who knows, while I’m writing about aliens, my laptop may discover the first tentative signs of alien intelligence buried in the data from multiple radio telescopes.

It’s been a while.

Well, it’s been a while since I posted any updates on my writing. First of all, Oblivion is available on pre-sale from http://www.green-cat.co/steve-p-lee and will be on general release in paperback and on Amazon Kindle from 20 April 2018.


I’ve also very nearly completed the follow up to Oblivion. This will be a collection of stories running straight on from where Oblivion finished. There are 8 in all, 1 novella, the others differing lengths of short story. The novella and 6 short stories are all written and have already undergone some editing and polishing up work. I’m just in the process of completing the 2nd run through of them all then it’s on to writing the 8th and final story. Lisa at Green Cat Books is aware of progress and has already set to work on creating the cover – the cover image should be making an appearance in the next catalogue. It is called The Department 44 Files, a title that will only make sense once you’ve read Oblivion.

Not content to rest on my laurels (although I have recently started working 2 afternoons a week – it’s taken me off benefits) I’ve started working out the plot/storyline for the 3rd book in the Oblivion universe. It will carry on from the end of The Department 44 Files and keep the overall story rolling – with a good surprise, in an interesting new approach to my writing. When I say I’ve started plot/storyline for book 3, I’m perhaps being a little disingenuous. I already have 3,474 words written. This was a side project (my weekend project) that I re-purposed. It was going to be another novella to include in The Department 44 Files but I developed bigger ideas for it as the plot/storyline came alive in my head.

Where does this leave The Gene Weavers Sequence? To be honest, still stalled but definitely not forgotten. In a breaking news sensation (that only my next door neighbour test reader previously knew), book 3 is set 20 years after The Faleen Factions. There are 20,000+ words already written and it’s shaping up nicely, but I need to ensure it properly wraps up that series. To make that certain, I need time to plan and give it the send off it deserves.

Cockapoo Gotya Day

Yes, one year ago today we added another member to the family; Peggy came home to take over! It’s strange how you soon forget life before your doggo arrived. Like children, they settle in and become part of your comfy familiarity.

For me, Peggy has been a revelation, got me out and about moving my bad legs and back. On top of that, she’s kept me company when I would otherwise have sat alone writing my stories. As a reward she became the name of a minor character in Gene Weavers book 2.